metallic bedspring

Unless differently noted, our bed sofas are usually equipped with an electro melded bedspring plus elastic bands on the feet side granting a comfortable seat; the lying surface is completely covered with fine velvet.

Bi-clima spring mattress

It is made of “Bonnel” tempered iron springs covered on both sides of the mattress, as well as all around it, with polyurethane foam D.25. Everything is then covered with an anti-acarus cotton fabric coupled with cotton or wool (summer/winter side) and tightened with buttons. It is equipped with useful aerators.

Cotton or wool web (summer/winter side).
Anti-acarus cotton fabric with buttons.

Pocket spring mattress

Iron pocket spring covered with polyurethane foam D.30. Everything is then covered with a cotton and polyester quilted fabric coupled with 430-gram acrylic fiber and with polyurethane foam D.30.

Foam mattress

Polyurethane foam D.35 covered by a rich cotton/polyester fabric padded with 430 gr anallergic fiber.

Removable foam mattress

Polyurethane foam D.35 covered by a washable fabric. Removable cover equipped with zip, made of a polyester and viscose fabric, padded with 700 gr polyester. This cover can be washed up to 40°; no centrifuge is allowed.

Sanacotton mattress

Either foam or pocket spring

Cover made of fabric (67%Pl – 28% Tencel – 5% Pl with silver thread) quilted with wool and cotton (winter/summer ) to be used either for the foam and the pocket spring mattress. Double removable solution thanks to the double zip and a high transpiring condition thanks to the 3D (100% Pl) fabric that creates an air camera and allows to dry and eliminate the body humidity. It can be washed up to 30°. No centrifuge is allowed.