Multibed Castello

Paolo Salvadè 2012

New and astonishing mechanism mounted on a reliable wooden structure made of multilayer and plywood. The bedspring has passed all European and worldwide certification tests and by a single rotation transforms the seating of the sofa in two single beds equipped with wooden-slatted bedsprings and removable foam mattresses.
Available with low or high small armrest, the sofa is always completely by two back pillows breaking the serious shape of the one-cushion structure and softening the cubic line of the back. Two versions available: basic with the metallic bedspring at sight or elegance where all metallic details are accurately covered with fabric thus creating a warmer effect. It is possible to remove the cover completely and to disassemble the sofa.

A young and casual location for an astonishing bed sofa.
The seating rotation and thus the opening of the two single beds is simple ad effortless; an easy opening inviting to play. All safety measures have been double-checked: moving ladder for the upper bed, locking key for the mechanism, side panel for children.

Opening system