Paolo Salvadè 2012

Multi-functional bed sofa: from the classical double-bed sofa (with a 180 – 160 – 140 or 115-cm large mattress) to be easily opened, to the new double-decker bed sofa. Available as fix or swiveling small armchairs, as well as pouf. The double bed sofa might be equipped either with low and high armrests, available in two sizes (SMALL and LARGE) to be combined according to one’s needs and taste. If with high armrest, the sofa is completed by decorative feather pillows. The back, high or low, hides a back structure (low or high as well) that can be used as a practical headboard for the bed. Extra comfortable seating thanks to the seat and back cushions made of polyurethane foam enveloped in a feather quilt. Every sewing is enriched with a piping profile whose color, if not differently specified, will be chosen to match the fabric tone.


Multibed 1 small
Low-back sofa with high armrest together with a fix small armchair with low back.

Multibed small armchair

Multibed small armchair
The small armchair is available in two versions: low back with a feather back pillow or high and ergonomic back.
They can both be equipped with a swiveling base making it more practical and with a small footstool.

MULTIBED/1 small

Multibed/1 small
Low-back bed sofa combined with a large pouf to create a modern and young atmosphere.


High-back bed sofa: the rear structure of the sofa becomes a real headboard for the bed.

Opening system

Opening system