Ufficio tecnico Pol74 1997/2017

Available as sofa in fives sizes and as armchair with or without bed. Wooden structure with honeycomb joints and multilayer. Back and seat cushions made of graded polyurethane foam. Useful storage for pillows in the back of the sofa if with bed. Wooden legs: natural or walnut color. It is possible to remove the covering for washing or dry cleaning and to disassemble the sofa completely.
Seven possibilities for the armrests – round classical armrests with volant and buttons as well as cubic armrests available in different largeness – and two heights for the back. One single model to please a public with different tastes looking for a simple but reliable sofa equipped with a comfortable and practical bed.

Lisbona 5

2017Lisbona 5
Cubic, medium-size armrest.
The armchair with bed is available with all armrests.

Lisbona 6

2017Lisbona 6
The classical round armrest can be personalized either by wooden (wengé and natural) or by pearly-like buttons.

Lisbona 3

2017Lisbona 3
Net and pure line for an ever-green model.

Lisbona 8

2017Lisbona 8
Large, cubic armrest.
High-end twin bed-sofa: the wooden night-table, covered with fabric, is completely removable.

Lisbona 1

2017Lisbona 1
Bended slim armrest inviting to relax.

Lisbona 7

2017Lisbona 7
Refined details for a perfectly high-class atmosphere.
The small fix armchair keeps the line of the sofa but in a reduced size.

Lisbona 4

2017Lisbona 4
Thin armrest: the smallest sofa with a large bed.