Paolo Salvadè 2011

Available as single sofa or as corner, with or without bed in the short version with a 200-cm long mattress or in the long version with a 210-cm long mattress. Three armrests available: SMALL – MEDIUM – LARGE.
Wooden structure with honeycomb joints and multilayer. Back and seat cushions SOFT COMFORT made of graded, highly elastic polyurethane foam. Useful storage for pillows in the back of the sofa if with bed.
The corner combination can be made using a chaise longue with long armrest or a one-piece corner elemente quipped with back cushions granting a regular-fit seat. The standard PVC legs can be covered, on demand, with chromed or walnut wooden legs. It is possible to remove the covering for washing or dry cleaning and to disassemble the sofa completely.

The house value depends on what you find there.
Customized details: walnut wooden or chromed legs; long corner element; pouf next to the chaise longue for an extra-long seat.

Lake large

Lake Large
The angle combination can include a classical chaise longue (picture at page 161) or a long-size corner equipped
with back cushions.
A large armrest for a more imposing sofa.

Opening system

Opening system