Paolo Salvadè - Angelo Pellegatta 2018

The new CHIC finishing added to the classical-style ANDALUSIA grants a softer, richer and more sophisticated line to the sofa. The original and brilliant touch of the chromed legs remains instead unchanged. Available in different sizes as sofa with or without bed, as standard or maxi armchair: it’s possible to match these elements with a practical and squared chaise longue with storage. The main structure is made of plywood and of some heartwood parts. The seat and back cushions are made of polyurethane foam, soft comfort; in the bed version they have got room for pillows. Available with two armrests: LARGE or SMALL The covering of the sofa is completely removable.
The chaise longue hides a practical storage while the sofa opens into a comfortable bed.


Andalusia Chic Large
The CHIC finishing mainly highlights the large armrest that despite being at the side becomes the centre of the model. The new finishing, a rich double fold in the fabric, is to be found on the armrests and on the back cushions.

Andalusia chic small

Andalusia Chic Small
Available also as chaise longue equipped with a practical storage.

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