POL 74 was born in 1962 as an handicraft workshop but soonbec am e an industrial reality with aesthetic and technologicalgoals. The factory is placed in Brianza (Northern Italy), a very well-known area for the Italian design furniture. The factory philosophy is based on a double choice of keeping handicraft finishing, on one side, and of looking for new technological solutions, on the other, in order to grant a high–quality product fulfilling the increasing needs of every-day life. Innovation and experimentalism, together with an over 55-year long experience, are thus at the base of every single model.


The production trend has been looked after either by its own staff and by independent Italian architects and designers. Our staff, composed by long-experienced and specialised workers, studies every project, follows personally the production and tests the results of their researches directly in our project & development office.


It is in fact the confidence we have been given by architects and designers that made us enter the contract branch more and more, that is residences or business and tourist hotels whose main goal is to grant their hosts a pleasant and refined staying, where everything should be functional without being silly, where a piece of furniture should be original without breaking the local and native atmosphere.
Quality is our main goal, our reference and our recognition sign. Quality in choosing the best materials, without any com promise or any trick. Quality in the finishing: our well-specialized and long-experienced staff is able to develop high-value and rich finishing. Quality in details: special sewing or cuts in structures and coverings make the products personal and different, almost unique for every customer.


Via Alberto da Giussano angolo Via Briantina 20831 Seregno (MB), Italia
20831 Seregno (MB), Italia
Mon - Fri 9 –12 / 14–17
Sat 9.30-13